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Visegrad countries have similar positions in the nexus of global trade: like other European countries they have an open economy with intensive trade relations in raw materials and products among themselves and with other countries. While these countries have undergone similar economic and political changes in the last decades, it is also a common characteristic that their citizens have not yet developed a high awareness of global issues or resource use sustainability. Raising awareness of V4 citizens, mainly youth on the social, economic and environmental aspects of resource use and related extractivism, which arise on local, regional and global levels will contribute to that V4 countries become more responsible players with elevated capacities in the globalised economy.

The project will take a common Visegrad case study and will specifically target children to help respond to this challenge. We will take the car industry with its extensive supply chain as an example, which has high economic importance in all four countries, develop an education toolkit and disseminate among educators. This approach of using an expert case study from the national economy with V4 relevance, and putting it to the global context from social, economic and environmental points of view is new within the current educational practices. Also these three dimensions will be not only demonstrated separately next to each other, but also within the context of sustainability. The digital tools and interactive features will help to ensure that they will be taken up in the classrooms.

Main project objective

Our main objective is to raise the awareness of children in V4 countries about the various aspects of resource use. The targeted children will have a deeper understanding how industry is linked to their own and other people’s wellbeing, global and social justice and the environment. These children will have a broader view when it comes to understanding how economy and society works on different scales, and what can be their own future role in it.

Project partners

Slovak Center for Communication and Development, Slovakia –

CEEweb for Biological Diversity, Hungary –

Institute of Global Responsibility, Poland –

Glopolis, Czech Republic –

Project is funded by International Visegrad Fund: